Sunday, December 26, 2010

silhouette give away

I would love to win this silhoutte becuase a stay at home mom can not afford ot buy one. this would replace the extra costs of my cricut and i could create so much more.
enter familylicious to win.

silhouette give away

you could also try and win a silhoutte from Little miss momma.

Check out her site for amazing DIY's!

silhouette give away

Visit Honey Were Home to enter to win a Silhouette.
While you are there check out the rest of her blog it is amazing

Thursday, September 23, 2010

a classic...

This purse was one of the first ones my husband told me was ugly! He said the fabric was "old lady" looking. Well little did he know this would be one of my most popular fabric selections. People of all ages seem to enjoy this fabric.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cake Pops

Now for the Cake Pops. Those were a huge hit. I really enjoyed making them. Braedon and I passed them out to all out neighbors, and we still have a ton left!

Black and Ivory gem...


When I saw this fabric I knew I had to buy it. At the time I was unsure what I was going to make but knew I had to by lots of it! Since my wardrobe consist of black, white, gray, and jeans I knew this Black and ivory purse would be perfect.
It's the perfect everyday bag. Very Roomy, a pocket in the inside along with a place to hold pens and other items.

This is my first attempt at frayed fabric flowers and have to admit they are my favorite.

Flower impact...

I used my first pattern ever when creating this purse. I am very please on how it turned out. There is a pocket in the inside along with a magnetic closure to keep your favorite things from spilling out.

It's now a very wide purse which i like a lot. Sometimes you just need a simple purse without all the extra bulk!


I just love the frayed flower detail! 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I need your help...

I am looking for some help today and you are the right person for the job. In order to get my dream off the ground I need more "followers" of my blog. If you thing you will visit often then please go to the right hand side and become a follower. You can also subscribe to my blog .  Next I need to know if you have any favorite craft websites that bring you inspiration.They can be about sewing, paper crafting, recycling items, decorating, organizing, fashion ideas, style on a budget, hair bow making, jewelry making, your favorite Etsy shop, ect. I am going to make a list of links for everyone to use. Thanks everyone for your help. I know I can not do this on my own! I need you !

simple but sweet...

This purse features a green flourish pattern, with a hand-stitched flower stem design, hand rolled fabric roses and a leather button. This purse runs for $25.00 dollars.  If you would like one please let me know.

purse collection...sneak peek

This is one of my favorite purses, not only because it is the purse I currently use but it was the first purse that inspired my purse line. 

It's that time of year again. For most people that time is New Years but for me this is the start of a new year. A new year of school, church commitments and other activities that will soon consume our already chaotic life. Now would I change a thing, probably not. Well maybe I would change my lack of self control I have when things don't go smooth! *insert big sigh here* My goals for this "new" year are simple and complex all rolled into one! I know right sounds easy!  I hope that sharing my goals with you keeps me accountable for accomplishing them. So please feel free to throw me under the bus and rub in my face when I am not staying on track. (you may have to remind me of this post, in order to not cause a tiff in our friendship when you totally dog me!) 

My Goals for the 2010-2011 year:
* enter at least 1 or 2 craft shows
* market Simply-Created more
* read through the Matthew, Mark, and John in the bible
* grow my nails out! 
* make and actually sell items on Etsy
* say NO to two opportunities presented to me
* Lose 25 pounds (setting 8lb goals)

Okay there you have it. My Goals for this year. Some seem easy, some are already in the works and others seem impossible to me. Although I am little anxious looking over my list I know that God is there holding my right hand and guiding me in the direction that will bring him Glory. As a family we have just chosen our "family verse" and it is so helpful in the is time of transition for me. 
Our verse is Proverbs 3:5-8 (NIV) "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight". And can I be honest I am trusting, I am trusting that He will help me find a balance in my life, financial blessing, and a stronger faith than I have ever had. Am I "really"trusting, yes, Am I still a little scared, Yes. It's a process and I will continue to work on this with The Lord as my teacher. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

today starts a new day...

I have been dabbling in this blogging thing for some time now. I have never really known what to blog about. I have a family blog, mission trip blog, and a Sunday school blog. Why not add a crafty blog too you say? Okay, consider it done. Now that we are all on the same page I would love to share with you on this blog a little of this and a little of that. Somethings I will have created others will be from other bloggers who have created some super cute things too. So let's be friends, let's be followers, let's be "friends" on facebook. I will chat about you and you about me. Always making sure how to give each other credit! Until next time. Remember happy crafting makes for happy blogging!