Tuesday, January 18, 2011

silhouette give away

Okay as part of my new years resolution I am trying SO hard to win one of these...

if you enter here at Beneath My heart you could win too!

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  1. Chrissy, thanks for the comment on my blog! Keep trying to win one. I never thought I actually would, in fact my husband would roll his eyes every time I entered one. He finally said he would buy one for my birthday, and - not joking here - he was going to buy it the day before I won my Silhouette. I told him to wait though, I wanted to see if I won any of the latest giveaways I'd entered. And of course, the time my hubby *finally* agrees to buy me one, I win one. Keep trying to win - I'm sure you will win eventually!! Your blogs are very cute, I am glad you introduced yourself to me. See you around in the blogging world!